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Mizzi Cosmetics

Mizzi Cosmetics LipLuxe Lip Scrub- Peppernilla

Mizzi Cosmetics LipLuxe Lip Scrub- Peppernilla

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Mizzi Cosmetics' LipLuxe Whipped Peppernilla Lip Scrub helps alleviate dry lips by exfoliating any dead skin cells with its slightly coarse texture. Remove dry, flaky skin to reveal your softest, healthiest lips ever. Mizzi Cosmetics's best selling Whipped Lip Scrub is an esthetician must-have so, naturally, I had to add it to our mix of results-driven + natural lip products. Mizzi delivers exactly what I love about a cosmetic - efficacious performance and botanical ingredients. This lip treatment/skincare hybrid removes dead skin and repairs chapped, dry lips. If I had to choose between getting a lip treatment at a spa of getting 6 months of use (and RESULTS) from bringing this scrub home, I would select the scrub.

Shed dead skin to reveal smoother, healthier lips with this luxe Lip Scrub! Made with a whipped vegan base, natural cane sugars, soothing peppermint and natural vanilla flavors, it is as decadent as it is soothing!

Take a small amount of lip scrub on your finger and apply to dry lips in a circular motion. Rub for at least 30 seconds in circular and back-and-forth motions. Let sit for a few more seconds to allow lip skin to absorb its essential oils and natural emollients. Wipe clean with a warm wash cloth or rinse off with warm water. Apply a LipLuxe lip balms  ext to seal in moisture and add a pop of color, shine, or shimmer.


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