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ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health Skin Brightening + Texture Kit

ZO Skin Health Skin Brightening + Texture Kit

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Size: 4 Product Regimen
A multi-product skincare system designed for the improvement of visible discoloration and visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles and refining skin texture.

An excellent maintenance system after hydroquinone treatment or if hydroquinone is not recommended
High-potency retinols provide more rapid onset of results to even skin tone
Ideal when textural issues are also a concern


How to use

Apply products to clean, dry skin.

The potency of the two retinols used in this system (Retinol Skin Brightener and Wrinkle + Texture Repair) can cause redness, dryness and peeling for the first few weeks. These anticipated reactions are a sign of effective stimulation of the skin and will subside with consistent use.

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